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PrecisionEQ® Maximum Performance Arena Footing
the ultimate solution for your crumb rubber arena riding surface!




According to the USDF:
“Footing is important. Your horse’s health and performance ability depend on quality footing. Footing is to the horse as the shoe is to the athlete. Without the proper footing to give the traction and cushion, your horse’s health and performance ability will deteriorate.”

UnderFoot, The USDF Guide to
Arena Construction, Maintenance and Repair

The Rubber:
The particle size is very important. Our perfect combination creates a top-layer that absorbs impact from your horses, yet also creates a bottom layer of rubber that blends with the sand. If properly mixed, the rubber will decrease abrasion and increase the lifespan of your footing.

The Sand:
When a riding discipline demands a stable footing, the correct type and amount of sand is also imperative. We work with you to find the rigth type and amount locally – lowering your costs and assuring long-term success.

Long Term Benefits

PrecisionEQ® resists trenching and cupping minimizing the necessity of dragging. Also the nylon fibers attached to the rubber particles will retain moisture, thus reducing watering.
The charcoal color of PrecisionEQ® mixed with sand will dramatically reduce glare to you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.
The ideal combination of sand and rubber provides your arena optimum drainage.
Reduced compaction greatly decreases the possibility of an injury to both horse and rider.
Let us help you design the riding surface of your dreams…